Sep. 19th, 2005 08:05 am
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I have discovered the joy that is a pressure washer. I spent a few hours outside today pressure washing the house, specifically the front porch, part of the driveway, sidewalk, and one side of the house. I've never owned or used one before, but I knew I needed to get one in order to get our house looking clean and new again. And yes, for the parts that I was able to clean today, the house looks great.

One note though: a pressure washer in the hands of someone anal or slightly obsessive compulsive is a dangerous thing.
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So... I've always scoffed at buying groceries from Wal-Mart. That just doesn't work in my brain. But yet... I ate dinner last night in a furniture store. Go figure.

And yes, I had meatballs at Ikea.
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Anyone of my geek friends have a monochrome computer monitor I can borrow for a day? Also, I'm in need of an actual computer punch card. Work's having a scavenger hunt, and these are some of the things I've been tasked to locate.

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I just got a call from Steph from work. As she was driving down Collier from Northside on her way to Piedmont hospital, a tree fell over onto the road in front of her. There were two cars ahead of her, and they both stopped and avoided the tree as well. Apparently all the recent rain had loosend the soil enough for the roots to pull up through and allowed the tree to fall over.
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...watched a movie dealing with the theft of the Declaration of Independence, of course. :)

Yeah, National Treasure isn't an Oscar winner, but it's entertaining enough, and appropriate for today.

Luetin - Underworld - A Hundred Days Off
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Cities have the right to take private property away from you and give it to private developers.

Looks like a good time to get into local politics so I can cash in on the payola.
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I've got a new project that has me working across from Perimeter Mall.

Here's the view from the office I'm using:

It's blurry cause of my crappy phone camera. Yesterday I could see the North Georgia mountains. It's a bit hazier today.
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I forgot about these pics I took while driving home a few weeks ago:


May. 6th, 2005 12:44 am
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We have 2 Krups coffee makers and 1 Krups coffee grinder that need a good home. All are in fine working condition, one of the coffee makers is actually still quite new. We're hopelessly addicted to getting better coffee makers, (we got ourselves new ones for xmas) so we need to find good homes for these.

One coffee maker is a 12 cup with a timer, glass carafe, and a gold filter. The other is a 10 cup with a timer, insulated brushed stainless steel carafe, and a gold filter. This one's only a few months old.

Please help to put these coffee makers and grinder to good use. I know you all drink coffee.
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I forgot to write about this earlier this weekend...

Steph and I were at Borders on Saturday. She wanted to get me a couple of DVDs for my birthday, and wanted to get Shrek2 for herself. As we were meandering through the aisles, browsing their collections, I noticed that the music changed to the Pixies (yay!), some acoustic recording. I started singing to myself, along with the playing music, but I was thinking that, "wow... they're playing the Pixies in Borders... that's pretty cool. I didn't think they'd play there music here..." I'm still singing to myself when I note that the song they're playing is "Nimrod", and as I'm singing to myself, it hits me.

There's some good non-family friendly music in this song. :D

So, as we get to the line that I'm waiting for, I'm wondering if this is actually a clean version of the song... Then the line comes... "You are the son of a mother fucker!"


Steph and I laugh out loud and wonder who's going to get in trouble for that one. We pick up our DVDs and leave with a smile on.

On voting

Nov. 2nd, 2004 04:32 pm
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No lines at all. In, voted, and out in 5 minutes or so. I'm certain it'll be slammed for people voting after work.

Oh yeah, I also voted for [livejournal.com profile] orangecone for congress. :D
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Woke up early this morning to go get our driver's licenses changed to show our new address. Yes, I know we're a year late. So we go to to a Dekalb DMVS, I say I need to change my address, and Steph says she needs to renew hers. We're given two numbers, mine is B232, and hers is A038. After having stood in line for an hour, we have some waiting to do inside as well. I'm curious about the numbers, and as we're observing how the numbers are being called, there are other alpha-numeric combinations as well e.g. G722, H210. What they mean, beats me, but what we discovered was that the A0xx numbers were being called the fastest. When we got in, Steph was called up in less than 5 minutes of getting our numbers. When we sat down, B214 was being called up. In the mean time, Steph had already had her picture taken and gotten her new license in under half an hour of getting our numbers. At this time, they were on B217. I was not pleased. We waited another ten minutes, then I decided to leave. It simply wasn't worth my time.

We came home and had some hot and sour soup for lunch, and decided to go see a movie. We decided to go see What the #$*! Do We Know!?. It was interesting enough to spawn some discussion afterwards while eating at Apres Diem.

On the way home we stopped in East Atlanta Village to look around in some shops. We went to Traders first. We bumped into an old roommate of mine, Jeannie. We used to live on Hampton St. during the summer after my junior year at Tech. I'd wondered what happened to her after that, since I went to Paris the next year and lost contact with her. It was really nice seeing her again and knowing she's well. Steph found some Halloween lights and new placemats. I found a cool solid rosewood end table.

We walked around to some other shops then came home. I don't think we're doing much this Halloween except handing out candy tomorow. I need a low key weekend after last week's all day, all week meetings.

Gothika is on now, so time to watch that.
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If anyone would like to come over to watch Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars next Sunday evening, you're most welcome.
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